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Identifying a quality mold removing company Ohio can trust can get a little complicated because there are so many companies out there who claim to offer the best service available. In reality, many of these companies are amateur companies with limited certifications, minimal professional equipment, and less than the required knowledge required to safely remove mold.

Today we want to talk about 5 ways that you can identify a quality mold removing company to help you to avoid those less than reputable establishments out there.

5 Tips for Identifying a Quality Mold Removing Company Ohio Can Trust

1. They Protect Their Employees!

EVERY company that deals with mold removal should provide their employees and technicians with full protective gear to protect them during the removal and clean-up process. A company that works with any type of environmental toxin is responsible for the well-being of their employees and if they cut corners when it comes to protecting the workers who make them money, what other corners are they willing to cut? The last thing you want to do is to find out first hand, so when you are considering mold removing companies for your job always ask about their safety protocol – how do they protect their employees against contamination? A company that is unwilling to tell you what they do to keep their employees safe or a company that tells you that they do nothing (“don’t worry about it, we know what we’re doing!”) is a company you MUST avoid for the sake of your family health as well as the health of other people’s families!

2. They Are Insured

Insurance is another big must have when it comes to mold removal or any type of environmental remediation service. When you hire a company to remove mold from your home they must follow certain protocols in order to deem your home safe and livable. If the right protocols are not followed the safety of your home and the integrity of your home structure are both at risk. A company that is insured is a company that is more likely to follow protocol but if something does go awry their insurance is in place to cover the cost of repairs. If you were to hire a company that was not insured, however, any damage that is caused to your property is not covered. What does that mean? It means that if or when things go wrong, that company can simply say that’s the way things go and if you want to seek compensation for repairs you will have to go through litigation. No one has time to wait for things to get dragged through court especially when your home may not even be livable during that time! Hire a company that is fully insured so that you don’t have to face a legal nightmare.

3. They Dispose of Their Waste Material Safely!

A quality mold removing company Ohio can trust won’t hesitate to tell you that they dispose of their waste material safely, in fact, they will be more than happy to tell you all about it! Being responsible with mold-contaminated material disposal is not just a safety issue, but it’s a legal issue too! Any type of waste material that poses a danger to the environment or organisms which live naturally in the environment must be disposed of properly to prevent damaging our ecosystem. If a company is reluctant to tell you what they do with the waste materials that they remove from your home then it’s time to look for a better and more reliable company for your needs. Remember, the planet isn’t just ours and it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect it. By refusing to hire irresponsible companies you are doing your part for today and for future generations.

4. They Wrap Their Equipment

The HEPA vacuums and air scrubbers that are used by mold remediation companies are a necessary part of the job, but without the proper precautions in place, these tools can become a method of contagion. Moving from one job to another could quickly contaminate a second location with the contaminants that were found in the first! For this reason, it’s necessary to wrap equipment. Fresh wrap ensures that the machinery brought into your home is not contaminated and will not spread further contaminants throughout your home.

5. They Keep Documentation and Records of Activity in Your Home

In order to determine whether or not mold removal was successful, documentation is necessary. What does this consist of? When they first arrive at your home a quality mold removing company Ohio can trust should test the environment. Testing beforehand will allow them to keep accurate documentation of the type and level of contamination in your home at the start of the job. Photographs should also be taken to document the scene before they start work. Additionally, the mold removal company should keep a record of their plan of action. Following the job, more photographs and testing should be taken to document the process and whether or not it was successful in eliminating your mold problem.

Is it too much to ask to request that a company keep such detailed documentation of their activity in your home? NO! It’s a basic protocol that any reputable company should follow. If a company tries to make you feel guilty for even mentioning such thorough documentation, keep on looking until you find a company that won’t hesitate to follow procedure and do the job right!

Need Assistance From a Quality Mold Removing Company Ohio Trusts?

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