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As hurricane season peaks, more homes are at risk for damage, but when it comes to hurricane damage most people think only of the wind damage and flooding. There is another, quite sneaky, after effect of hurricane damage that few people consider, however, and that is mold. So, what should you do when you discover mold in your home post-hurricane?

Mold After a Hurricane: What Now?

Once a hurricane has passed and you’re left picking up the pieces, it’s easy to think that after the visible damage is taken care of, that you’re in the clear. Unfortunately, even after wind debris has been cleared and flood waters have receded, you must keep your eyes open for signs of mold.

The damp conditions created by flood waters create the perfect home for mold to begin growth. The dark walls of a home that has been without power combined with the wet environment created by the flood waters make for the ideal starting point for mold.

If you have recently experienced hurricane damage to your home or even just been through a hurricane, it’s important to check every area of your home thoroughly for signs of leaks or dampness. It’s also beneficial to pay particular attention to the smell of the air in your home as you are walking through it. Most homeowners smell mold before they see it in their home, but whether you see it or smell it first, what should you do?

The most important focus for you should now be eliminating that mold before it gets out of control and the best way to do that is to control the source of moisture. Now, you’re going to want to ensure that all traces of mold are removed from your home and the best way to do that is to call in a professional mold remediation company. Here at SafeAir, we see many homeowners attempt to tackle their mold problems alone, but we also see many of those customers begging for assistance just weeks later. The reason for this being that they just don’t understand the importance of completely eliminating any traces of moisture and existing mold.

Calling in a professional contractor for mold remediation will ensure that every trace of the existing mold is removed from your home. It will also ensure that the moisture source that has been sustaining that mold growth, is removed. This often means finding and repairing a leak, identifying structural damage to the home that is allowing moisture to seep in, removing any soft and porous materials that have been contaminated with mold – this includes insulation and drywall! Hard surfaces are then decontaminated completely and all traces of mold are removed from the environment.

Is such in-depth cleaning necessary for cleaning up mold after a hurricane hits your home? YES! The reason that so many homeowners who try to clean up their own mold problems end up coming to see us here at SafeAir is simply that they do not thoroughly decontaminate their home and tackle every source of moisture that could be feeding that mold. This causes the immediate home to look free of mold and to be considered safe to live in, but this isn’t the case. Even microscopic mold spores can rebuild a full infestation of mold in no time at all on damp building materials!

Professional mold remediation experts can help with cleaning up mold after a hurricane, however, by using their professional training and tools to identify any traces of mold that may remain after cleanup efforts. This allows for complete decontamination of building materials, belongings, and even the air duct system of your home to be sure that your mold problem doesn’t return with a vengeance and cause even more havoc in its wake.

How bad could it be if your mold problem isn’t controlled completely? You could not only experience a weakening of your home structure, but you may also experience a wide range of ill health effects that result from directly inhaling mold spores! So, shouldn’t you opt for a professional for your cleanup of mold after a hurricane?

Need Help Cleaning up Mold After a Hurricane?

If you live in Ohio and have discovered mold in your home after a hurricane and need professional assistance in cleaning it completely, SafeAir Contractors can help. With 29 years of excellence in serving the environmental cleanup needs of Ohio residents, SafeAir is here for you! Just pick up the phone and make an appointment with one of our technicians today by dialing 440-639-1191!