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Environmental services in Ohio play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy population, healthy ecosystem, and overall healthy environment for all living things in the state. As the top environmental services company in Ohio, here at Safeair Contractors, we have helped to create a healthier environment for many homes and businesses throughout the state. Why is what we do so important? Allow us to explain…

Why Are Environmental Services in Ohio Important?

Let’s begin by saying that environmental services in Ohio are important to us because we are based out of Ohio, but the truth of the matter is that the provision of quality environmental services all over the world is just as important. It is up to us to protect the environment from the effects of toxins and pollutants so that the Earth remains a safe place to live for our future generations.

Your Health is at Risk

Here at Safeair Contractors in Ohio, we deal with all kinds of environmental services including hazardous waste cleanup, asbestos remediation, mold removal, and lead paint removal. In each of these situations, we are called to assist with the containment or removal of substances that pose a threat to your health. In some instances, this threat can be as “simple” as respiratory irritation, but in others, such as chemical spills, the threat can be deadly both to you and to wildlife and plant life in the area.

If environmental services didn’t get called out to take care of these types of situations, contamination would continue…which brings us to our next point…

Contamination Lasts Longer Than You Can Imagine

When environmental contamination happens for any reason, we are often tempted to believe that “it’ll be okay”. That we can leave a problem alone and that “nature will take care of it” or the problem will “go away” because it “can’t possibly get worse”. This type of thinking couldn’t be further from the truth. Environmental contamination can take years…decades…sometimes longer to degrade and even when they do, they break down into toxic compounds that continue to poison the environment. Then there are the chemicals that never do degrade! Those just sit around, leaching into our soil, our water, our air, our ecosystem, and not only poison us but create ecological disturbances that can influence evolution!

…And It’s More Widespread Than You Think

Another problem with environmental spills and contamination is the fact that even issues that seem “isolated” are very far from it. For example, if you run a company that has an accidental chemical spill in the middle of the woods somewhere that is relatively far from residential neighborhoods, you may think that even if this spill sits for decades, it is doing no harm…right? Wrong! As that spill leaches into the ground, it contaminates the soil which contaminates anything that grows there, which contaminates anything that eats that vegetation. When it rains, the contamination is flushed into water supplies and carried further from the point of the spill. While in the water, the contamination poisons the fish that will eventually be caught for consumption, influences any animal or human that swims in or drinks from the water, and even when water is treated, not all toxins are completely eliminated as we can see from the presence of prescription drugs in trace amounts in our water systems today!

So, the next time you think that contamination is isolated and it won’t affect you…well, think again.

Because Sometimes What Seems Like the Right Choice at the Time, Isn’t…

Here, in particular, we refer to things like the inclusion of lead in household paints or the abundant use of asbestos in home building materials. The use of these ingredients in these products seemed like the right choice at the time that they were used. These substances provided benefits that SEEMED like they were best for manufacturers as well as homeowners. As research progressed, however, it became apparent that there were more risks to using these materials than there were benefits. Unfortunately, by that time the materials were already present in homes all around the world and so environmental services companies are required to come in and clean up before any further damage can take place.

In Need of Environmental Services in Ohio?

If you’re in need of environmental services in Ohio, SafeAir has got you covered! We are the top environmental remediation company in the state and provide all major abatement and removal services. Every one of our technicians is professionally trained and licensed and undergoes ongoing training to ensure that you only receive the best service for your every need. Give us a call today at 440-639-1191 and we’ll get to work on solving your environmental services needs.