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As a top Ohio hazardous waste disposal company, we here at SafeAir work with many different industries in need of hazardous waste disposal services. Over the years we have had the opportunity to help many companies with their needs but there are some industries that require our assistance more than others because of the work that they do. Today we want to highlight a few of those industries and what you should know about them.

Ohio Hazardous Waste Disposal Company Shares 5 Industries with the Most Hazardous Waste

1. Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical manufacturing industries are responsible for producing industrial chemicals and converting raw resources into usable products. Some of the raw materials this industry works with include natural gas, crude oil, metals, and minerals. Due to the nature of the raw materials used and the final product being produced, chemical manufacturing industries generate an incredible amount of hazardous waste.

Green chemicals are becoming a more widespread concept, but the cost of using green resources to produce chemicals requires a larger investment from manufacturers – a cost which gets passed on to the consumer. So for these manufacturing processes to become widespread, it’s necessary for us to support companies that utilize them.

2. Paper Manufacturing

Many people think that manufacturing paper is little more than turning wood into paper, but there are a lot of steps involved to get from the raw product to the end product and these steps include a lot of chemicals and inks that are hazardous to the environment. While producing paper chemicals such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide are released into the environment, but that’s not all! During the paper manufacturing process, a number of chemical byproducts are also created, these include benzene, mercury, ammonia, and nitrates!

There are companies that are making a move towards creating more eco-friendly products by utilizing recycled paper made using alternative energy sources and using fewer toxic chemicals, however, these newer manufacturing processes increase the cost of paper and fewer consumers are willing to pay for that additional cost.

3. Paint Manufacturing

The paint manufacturing industry might produce a beautiful product, but during the production process, they utilize solvents and heavy metals. If waste materials from paint manufacturing are not disposed of properly they can easily contaminate soil and groundwater and wreck havoc on the local ecosystem. Fortunately, around 85% of the waste collected from paint manufacturers can be recycled and sold back to the paint manufacturers and the remaining 15% can be repurposed in the cement industry as fuel!

There are eco-friendly paints available and supporting the companies that produce them goes a long way in reducing the amount of hazardous waste produced by the paint industry. Many paint manufacturers are beginning a shift towards using these eco-friendly products, but until all of the major manufacturers make that shift, paint manufacturing companies will continue to be one of the biggest producers of hazardous waste.

4. Leather and Textile Industries

The leather and textiles industry is another industry that generates a large amount of hazardous waste and here in Ohio requires the assistance of Ohio hazardous waste disposal companies to take care of their waste. These companies often utilize chemical-based dye and tannins to treat leather so that it dries out completely, the problem, however, is that these are toxic chemicals that can have a devastating effect on the ecosystem as well as on the human body!

There are methods of leather tanning and preparation that are eco-friendly, however, these methods are much more time consuming and therefore more expensive to use so many large corporations continue to utilize more toxic methods of treatment.

5. Printing Industries

When we talk about the printing industry, we are talking about companies that utilize inks as well as photography supplies. While many people think that these “simple” things can be disposed of in the trash like any other type of waste, they must actually be disposed of properly by a professional hazardous waste removal company. Without proper disposal, the ink and photography equipment used in printing industries creates toxic waste.

Many companies these days are edging towards using less toxic and more environmentally friendly inks and printing supplies, but until all companies make this shift, the printing industry remains one of the biggest industries for producing hazardous waste!

Do You Need Ohio Hazardous Waste Disposal Services?

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