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A lead paint test is the first step in determining whether your family is being exposed to the negative effects of lead paint. Once you know whether your home is contaminated with lead paint, you can begin the process of professional lead paint removal. Few people are aware of the steps involved before the lead abatement company gets involved, however, so today we are going to take a look at just that so that you know how to begin seeking help.

Lead Paint Test: How to Determine if Your Home is Contaminated by Lead

If you suspect that you have lead paint in your home – or even if you don’t and you just want to ensure that your home atmosphere is safe – the first step in the process in testing for lead.

There are a few ways that you can test your home for lead contaminated paint, let’s take a quick look at those…

Q-Tip Testing Kit for Lead Paint

Q-Tip lead paint testing kits are probably the most widely used DIY lead paint testing kits by people who want to test their own homes for lead paint contamination without spending much. These kits come with sealed Q-tips that you coat with a provided solution, you then swipe the Q-tip on the surface that you suspect of being contaminated with lead paint. If lead is present in the paint, the Q-tip will change color.

This is an instant results testing kit for lead paint.

DIY Stick Swab Testing for Lead Paint

One of the DIY lead paint testing methods that is becoming more popular is the stick swab kit. This swab looks like an insect bite relief pen or a slender paint dauber. To use it, you just crush the swab stick, shake it, then swab the surface that you suspect of being contaminated with lead. The swab will instantly change color in the presence of lead.

This is an instant results testing kit for lead paint.

Strip Testing Kits for Lead

DIY strip testing kits for lead paint work in a the same way as pH strips but they are used to detect lead in water and soil. While these strips can tell you whether there is lead contamination in your local environment, they generally can not be used to test lead paint. These strips are often used after lead paint testing to determine the extent of contamination.

This is an instant results testing kit for lead paint.

Test Tube Sample Kit for Lead Paint

DIY test tube sample kits for lead paint come with a test tube or bag and require you to take a sample of paint chips that you suspect of being contaminated with lead. You enclose these chips in the test tube or bag and send them back to a laboratory for testing.

This is not an instant results testing kit or lead paint.

Professional Lead Paint Testing

Professional lead paint testing requires calling a lead paint inspector and scheduling them to come to your home and conduct testing throughout your home. They conduct this testing using a piece of equipment called a X-ray fluorescence analyzer. This machine then analyzes surfaces in your home for the presence of lead. Your lead paint inspector will then provide you with a full report on the testing done and you can then use that report to contact a risk assessment professional to determine the risk of the lead to your family or you can directly contact a lead abatement company to assist with lead paint abatement. It’s important to know that a lead paint inspector should never be the one to recommend a led paint removal company since it’s possible for them to have a reciprocal relationship that has their financial well-being rather than your health in mind.

Here at SafeAir contractors, we are a lead paint abatement company and assist many families and businesses with the removal of lead paint using safe and professional means.

With so many available DIY lead paint testing kits, why should you contact a professional to do your lead paint testing for you?

While DIY lead paint testing kits can be more affordable than having a professional come in and test the painted surfaces in your home, there are a few reasons why it’s best to call in a professional:

  • DIY kits can be misused
  • DIY lead paint testing results can be contaminated
  • DIY lead paint testing kits aren’t necessarily accurate when reporting levels of contamination
  • Not all DIY lead paint testing kits are recognized by the EPA for their effectiveness and reliability

Already Got the Results of Your Lead Paint Test and Need a Lead Paint Removal Expert?

If you already received the results of your lead paint testing and it has determined that your home (or business) is contaminated by lead paint and you need a lead paint removal company in Ohio or West Pennsylvania, SafeAir can help. Just pick up the phone and give us a call today at 440-639-1191.