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Professional lead paint removal isn’t just a necessity if your business property is contaminated with lead paint, it’s a necessity. While lead paint is a problem in any building, it is more commonly found in older industrial and service buildings and removal isn’t just a matter of “having to clean up the place”, it’s also a matter of maintaining a healthy business…let us tell you why…

Lead Paint Removal: 9 Ways Lead Paint is Impacting Your Business Profits

1. Decreased Desirability Among those Seeking Work

As a business, your profits depend on your workforce and as a healthy business, you will sometimes need to hire new employees to bolster your workforce or to account for turnover. If your company gets a reputation for exposing employees to lead paint, however, the number of applicants and caliber of their experience in your workforce niche will greatly decline.

2. Legal Consequences

If your business headquarters are contaminated with lead paint and you do nothing to protect your employees then you are at risk for legal consequences that could destroy your business as well as your personal life.

3. Contaminated Products

In addition to facing legal consequences as a result of employees who have become sick as a result of lead paint exposure while working for your company, you also face the consequences of selling products that may have been contaminated by lead paint. Again, you will find yourself in court facing charges of selling contaminated products to consumers and you will also face lawsuits from individual clients who bought your products.

4. Community Isolation

As a company, your business depends on the patronage and support of the community. If it is known in the community that your offices are contaminated with lead and that you still allowed local people to work there and knowingly produce products contaminated with lead, the chances are that your community will no longer be supporting your business and you will soon lose the business completely.

5. Decreased Worker Productivity

There is no denying the correlation between exposure to lead paint and poor health. When your employees are constantly sick your workforce is diminished and your company bottom line suffers.

6. Your Health Determines the Path of the Company

As the head of a company, if you are constantly away from work due to illness, you are leaving your company in other people’s hands which opens it up to problems. For example, if you have built a successful business, that business was built on your expertise and if you are constantly stepping away because you are ill and leaving the company in the hands of someone else, the trajectory of your company success is going to change.

7. You Are Less Likely to Get Investors

As the owner or manager of a business, your health determines whether investors are attracted to your business and if so, how much are they likely to invest. For example, investors are less likely to invest their money into a business run by someone who is ill due to lead paint exposure.

8. Dangers in the Workplace

When your employees are being exposed to lead paint on a daily basis, there is no doubt that they will begin to experience the side effects of lead poisoning. This won’t just affect your product quality because employees are taking time off work, though, it will also become a problem when employees remain at work while they’re ill because they can’t afford to take time off. When employees work while they’re not at their best, this will undoubtedly increase the number of workplace accidents for your business.

9. You Will Lose Out to the Competition

Businesses always have to face competitors in the market and new competitors are always stepping into the ring. If your business has any negative points that put you at a disadvantage to the competition, then you’re going to begin losing business to them and your bottom line is going to suffer.

In Need of Lead Paint Removal in Ohio?

If you’re in need of lead paint removal in Ohio and need a professional and reputable Ohio environmental remediation company to help, SafeAir Contractors can help. Just give us a call today at 440-639-1191 and let us know how we can help you to clean up your business property and bottom line!