Infographic: Asbestos in Commercial and Industrial Buildings

By August 11, 2017Asbestos Abatement
Asbestos Commercial Buildings

Asbestos in commercial and industrial buildings isn’t something to play around with. The effects of asbestos on the integrity of the structure as well as the health of employees can be devastating. Fortunately, once you have detected asbestos in your commercial structures, it’s as simple as calling one of our professionals here at SafeAir to take care of the problem. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t know where to start looking for asbestos sources. That’s why today, we want to talk about possible sources of asbestos in your industrial buildings.

Asbestos in Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Asbestos Sources in Commercial and Industrial Buildings Below Ground Level

  • Block insulation on tanks, boilers, and breaching
  • Pipe elbows and insulation
  • Boiler chinking
  • Pipe Lagging

Asbestos Sources in Commercial and Industrial Buildings At Ground Level

  • Elevator switch gear
  • Elevator doors
  • Asbestos-cement wallboard
  • Plaster walls and ceilings
  • Drywall taping compound
  • Textured paint and plaster
  • Window glazing caulking
  • Drop ceiling tiles
  • Asbestos wiring and electrical boxes
  • Water heater vent seams
  • Taping on ductwork seams
  • Acoustic ceiling material
  • Asbestos cement board soffits on exterior siding
  • Sprayed-on fire-proofing insulation

Asbestos Sources in Commercial and Industrial Buildings At Roof Level

  • Fire door interiors
  • Silvex roofing paint
  • Asphalt roofing material and roofing felt
  • Flexible fabric joints

You Suspect Asbestos…Now What?

If, after looking over your building, you suspect asbestos in commercial areas, it’s best to pick up the phone as soon as possible and give us a call. Here at SafeAir, we service commercial asbestos remediation needs in Western Pennsylvania and Ohio and have over 25-years of experience with environmental cleanup under our belts.

Once you give us a call we will begin by setting up an appointment with you to talk about your needs and survey the kind of work that you need doing. With a better idea of your needs, we will create a plan of action to take care of your asbestos in commercial areas. This plan of action doesn’t just involve removal of your asbestos, though. We always ensure that the proper authorities are notified of our plan of action, make sure that the proper safety precautions are taken to keep everyone safe, and thoroughly cleanse the building and air to sterilize your space!

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Don’t live in Western Pennsylvania or Ohio? Contact your state board of health and request a referral for a licensed asbestos remediation professional.