3 Mold Removal Facts and a Bonus Tip on Having Mold Removed in Ohio and Pennsylvania

By November 13, 2017Mold Remediation
mold removal facts

Today we’re going to be sharing some great mold removal facts that you should know when it comes to having mold removed from your home or business in Ohio and Pennsylvania!

3 Mold Removal Facts and a Bonus Tip on Mold Removal in Pennsylvania and Ohio

Mold removal is the first step in creating a happier and healthier home or workplace for you and those you care about. In order to be successful, however, mold removal must be done correctly. That’s why we are sharing a few facts that you need to know before you hire your mold removal company.

1. There Are Many Species of Mold

No one actually knows how many species of mold there are, but researchers estimate there to be somewhere between tens of thousands to three hundred thousand species of mold. To properly eradicate mold from your home or business, it’s important to find a mold remediation specialist who is familiar with the various common species of indoor mold. This familiarity will allow the proper mold remediation treatment to be used.

Here at SafeAir, we have more than 25-years of experience in identifying, treating, and preventing mold.

2. Mold Removal Isn’t Actually Mold Removal

Removing problem mold is not synonymous with complete mold removal. Mold spores exist in virtually every environment, but what keeps these molds from being bothersome is maintaining a delicate balance of moisture in the environment. When mold spores grow out of control due to excess moisture, this is when they become a problem.

Here at SafeAir, we often hear other mold remediation companies advertise “complete mold removal”, but we know that it’s not about complete removal, it’s about creating optimal living conditions for you and removing them from the mold.

3. Know About Mold Inhibitors

Once you have called in a company like SafeAir to remove your problem mold, it’s important to maintain a healthy environment. A dehumidifier can really help control moisture levels in the air, but we also recommend using mold inhibitors in paints when painting interior walls. Adding these inhibitors to paints prevents mold problems from taking hold so that you don’t run into the same problem all over again!

Here at SafeAir, we know all about mold inhibitors and we’d be happy to tell you more about them during your mold removal project!

*Bonus Tip*

Check the Whole House

When you find a mold problem in your home, make sure to check throughout the entire home for any other areas that may be affected. This will make sure that you remove ALL problem mold in one treatment. Areas where mold most commonly takes hold include:

  • Basement carpeting
  • Showers and bathrooms
  • Basement baseboards
  • Under and around sinks
  • Bathroom carpeting
  • Any areas where there is a moisture supply

Need Mold Removal Help in Pennsylvania or Ohio?

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