Ohio Black Mold Removal: How Black Mold is Removed

By December 11, 2018Mold Remediation
Ohio black mold removal

As Ohio black mold removal experts, we here at SafeAir Contractors are experienced with tackling this troublesome problem and today we’re sharing with you just how we get the job done!

Ohio Black Mold Removal: How it Works

Being Prepared

The first, and most important step Ohio black mold removal experts should always take is to prepare for the removal of black mold properly. This means assessing the area to get an idea of how extensive the mold involvement is, what tools you will need for the job, how long the job will take to complete, and of course, take inventory of safety gear and protective supplies.

If any Ohio black mold removal company neglects to take any of the steps above, we recommend that you seek out a new mold remediator and promptly ask the previous contractor to leave before they begin work. Why? Because your safety and the safety of your family depend on the company that you hire following the proper procedures and taking the proper precautions.

Addressing Moisture Sources

We have talked numerous time before about the necessity of a moisture source to the growth ability of mold. If you have a problem and have called an Ohio black mold company, then you undoubtedly have a mold problem which means that in turn, you also have a moisture problem.

Your black mold remediation technician in Ohio will next need to identify and eliminate any moisture sources, otherwise, any attempts to remove black mold from your home will only result in a recurrence.

Sealing Off the Area

Once a moisture source has been identified and eliminated, the next step is to seal off the area that has been contaminated with black mold. This allows you to ensure that all affected areas are fully cleaned, but it also helps to prevent cross-contamination within your home.

One of the biggest problems with mold is that it can very easily be transferred via airborne spores which will happen with any mold clean-up project.

Depending on the extent of your black mold contamination, you may find it easier just to take protective precautions when you are at home. If your home is riddled with black mold, however then it’s always best to stay with family, friends, or even book a stay in a hotel until your mold problem has been eliminated completely.

What About At-Risk Populations?

There are some populations for whom the risk of health concerns following any exposure to black mold can result in significant health problems. If you have someone like this in your home, it’s always better to avoid any risk and move out of the home as soon as the mold has been identified and eliminated completely.

Ohio Black Mold Removal

Although each company has their own proprietary procedure for Ohio black mold removal, the procedure involves the same principles. Black mold removal companies begin with water and wetting down the area. This helps to minimize any further contamination of your home because when the wet contaminated material is removed it does not cause dry mold dust to travel through your home. Any mold-contaminated material that does become airborne, however, will remain contained from the rest of your home because the area that is contaminated will be cordoned off from the other sections of your home.

To take care of Ohio black mold removal, the next step is for your contractors to bring in commercial cleaning solutions. These solutions are designed to kill off mold and prevent their regrowth so that when the mold has been eliminated from your home, it stands little chance of taking hold if it does return.

A reputable Ohio black mold removal company will also know which contaminated materials in your home it is safe to decontaminate and which are better being replaced. This means that you don’t run the risk of being exposed to any remnants of black mold contamination no matter what degree of black mold you have been facing.

Ohio Black Mold Removal Takes Time

With the complete safety of your friends and family in mind, it’s important to remember that a quality Ohio black mold removal company will take their time to do a job well. If a company you hire for your current black mold problem gets the job done in minutes…well, we recommend calling in a real professional company who works on getting the job done right and not getting the job done quickly!

Need Ohio Black Mold Removal Specialists?

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