Infographic: Sources of Asbestos in the Home

By August 25, 2017Asbestos Abatement
Sources of Asbestos

Sources of asbestos in the home are not limited to ceiling tiles and shingles. Homeowners also need to familiarize themselves with the many potential sources of contamination to ensure healthy living.

Sources of Asbestos in Homes

Asbestos in the Home

Here at SafeAir Contractors, we talk to many homeowners who are surprised at the plentiful sources of asbestos in homes. Most have been made aware of ceiling tiles and even roofing shingles, but there are so many more things to look out for too!

As a homeowner, if your home was built before 1975 or built with certain building materials, you need to familiarize yourself with possible sources of asbestos.

Some potential sources of asbestos contamination on the upper levels of the home include:

  • Fireplace and heater exhaust pipes
  • Roof felt and shingles
  • Roof gutters
  • Vermiculite and other loose blown-in insulation

Other Sources of Asbestos in the Interior of the Home

  • Incandescent lighting fixture backing
  • Acoustic tiles
  • Asbestos pads under fireplace hearths
  • Artificial fireplace logs and ashes
  • Recessed lighting backing
  • Stipple-coated or textured ceilings and walls
  • Window glazing and caulking
  • Vinyl floor tiles
  • Linoleum sheet flooring
  • Flooring adhesive
  • Plaster walls and ceilings
  • Outlets and switches
  • Gypsum board taping compound
  • Patching and joint compound for walls and ceilings
  • Black stud glue
  • Fuse boxes and main panels
  • Electrical wire insulation
  • Furnace duct tape
  • Boiler and furnace insulation
  • Furnace door and gasket covers
  • Wood stove heat reflectors
  • Pipe insulation

Sources of Asbestos on the Exterior of the Home

  • Deck under-sheeting
  • Vapor barriers below wooden floors
  • Stucco
  • Soffit boards
  • Downspouts

Later Homes May Still Contain Asbestos!

It’s important to know that homes built after asbestos was prohibited, may still contain asbestos! Most homes built after 1990 are deemed safe, but earlier homes may still be built using older materials. While it was not permitted to use asbestos in the creation of new materials, many stockpiled materials containing asbestos were still used.

What to Do If You Suspect Asbestos in Your Home

If you live in Pennsylvania or Ohio, then you can call SafeAir Contractors directly at 440-639-1191. Since you live within our service area, we can help you right away! We will put together a treatment plan to eliminate asbestos exposure risk for you and your family.

If you don’t live in our service area, the best way to find a reliable asbestos abatement company is to contact your state board of health. All asbestos abatement professionals are required to register and maintain current credentials with the state. Additionally, records will be able to tell you if a specific contractor has too many complaints against them that might affect your job!